Dr Caroline Hoffman OAM

PhD, RN, BSW, Mindfulness and Self-Compassion teacher, retreat leader and supervisor, ultraEMDR practitioner, Acupuncturist, Integrative Oncology Specialist.

Caroline has a solid professional background with a PhD in mindfulness, a degree in Social Work, a Registered General Nurse as well as full professional trainings in a range of integrative healthcare approaches. She has delivered and researched integrative approaches to healthcare (complementary and mind-body approaches that work alongside standard medical treatments).

Cultivating mindfulness, compassion and insight, she teaches, supports and empowers people internationally. She and has over forty years of training and experience integrating mind-body medicine personally and professionally.

She is a pioneer in the delivery and research of integrative and mind-body medicine in healthcare, particularly in the intensive care and cancer settings. She has provided health promotion, mindfulness and self-compassion training to international business leaders since 1997.

Caroline embodies and provides a grounded stability and spaciousness from which kindness, compassion and wisdom can grow. She supports organisations and people to start where they are, cultivating kinder and and resilience-buiding responses and behaviours for a happier and healthier life.

Originally from Australia, Caroline lives and her husband outside London, UK. She was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for services to breast cancer. As a volunterer, she is Chair of the Order of Australia Association for the UK/Europe and is on the Exexcutive Committee for the British Society of Integrative Oncology and on the coordinating team for Mindful Self-Compassion UK.


PhD in Mindfulness

Degree in Social Work

Registered General Nurse

Certified Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) Teacher, Retreat Leader, Self-Compassion for Shame Teacher

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher

Supervisor of Teachers of Mindfulness-based Approaches

Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist

ultra EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) practitioner

Shiatsu practitioner

Touch therapist (reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy massage)

Collaborations welcome

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